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Elliot Bradbrook having his say on his team-mates!

Elliot gave a great interview when he sat down with the “National League” discussing the Dartford First Team. Check it out below!

The Team DJ?
Alfie Pavey muscled Tom Bonner out of the DJ spot when he joined. He does a good job to be fair, although I’m sure he only does it to stay on social media past 1.30pm on a match day.

First to training?
I couldn’t tell you – I’m usually one of the last! I think Lee Noble arrives three hours early and has a sleep in his work van. Proper Non-League stuff.

Last to training?
Danny Harris usually strolls in 20 minutes late and then spends the whole session moaning about the traffic.

Biggest eater?
Deren Ibrahim. The only man I have ever seen to dip a chocolate bar into a pot of carb killer paste and expect to lose weight.

Teacher’s pet?
Ryan Hayes. That can be the only explanation for how he has managed to get a new contract every year for so long!

Worst car?
I can’t think of one to be honest but I do know that Duane Ofori-Acheampong bought a Range Rover before he had even passed his test and put learner plates on it. That was hilarious.

Best dressed?
I would have said Tom Bonner until he attempted to wear braces and tell everyone he was a city trader on a night out once. Alex Brown has got some tidy clobber.

Worst dressed?
Danny Harris looks like a dishevelled out of work linesman in whatever he wears. His arms are simply too long for regular clothing.

Hard man in the team?
Lee Noble. I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of that vicious little man. He holds a grudge and fights dirty.

Most likely to go into management?
Quite a few of the boys are on the coaching staff of the academy. But they spend more time on the golf course than the training pitch! Deren will be a manager one day I am sure.

Joker in the group?
He’s no longer with us but Tom Wynter was unbelievable. The only man I have ever seen to perform his initiation song naked.

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