Upcoming MatchDartford vs Charlton Athletic/July 6, 2024/Bericote Powerhouse Princes Park


With the FIFA World Cup fast approaching Dartford FC, specifically the Champions Bar, will be hosting all of the World Cup games, with outside and inside TVs.

So don’t miss out and join us right here at Princes Park!


Group Stages

Thurs June 16: Russia v Saudi Arabia (Group A), 4pm – ITV1

Fri June 15: Egypt v Uruguay (Group A), 1pm – BBC One

Fri June 15: Morocco v Iran (Group B), 4pm – ITV1

Fri June 15: Portugal v Spain (Group B), 7pm – BBC One

Sat June 16: France v Australia (Group C), 11am – BBC One

Sat June 16: Argentina v Iceland (Group D), 2pm – ITV1

Sat June 16: Peru v Denmark (Group C), 5pm – BBC One

Sat June 16: Croatia v Nigeria (Group D), 8pm – ITV1

Sun June 17: Costa Rica v Serbia (Group E), 1pm – ITV1

Sun June 17: Germany v Mexico (Group F), 4pm – BBC One

Sun June 17: Brazil v Switzerland (Group E), 7pm – ITV1

Mon June 18: Sweden v South Korea (Group F), 1pm – ITV1

Mon June 18: Belgium v Panama (Group G), 4pm – BBC One

Mon June 18: Tunisia v England (Group G), 7pm – BBC One

Tues June 19: Colombia v Japan (Group H), 1pm – BBC One

Tues June 19: Poland v Senegal (Group H), 4pm – BBC One

Tues June 19: Russia v Egypt (Group A) – St Petersburg, 7pm – BBC One

Wed June 20: Portugal v Morocco (Group B), 1pm – BBC One

Wed June 20: Uruguay v Saudi Arabia (Group A), 4pm – BBC One

Wed June 20: Iran v Spain (Group B), 7pm – ITV1

Thu June 21: Denmark v Australia (Group C), 1pm – ITV1

Thu June 21: France v Peru (Group C) – Ekaterinburg, 4pm – ITV1

Thu June 21: Argentina v Croatia (Group D),7pm – BBC One

Fri June 22: Brazil v Costa Rica (Group E), 1pm – ITV1

Fri June 22: Nigeria v Iceland (Group D), 4pm – BBC One

Fri June 22: Serbia v Switzerland (Group E), 7pm – BBC One

Sat June 23: Belgium v Tunisia (Group G), 1pm – BBC One

Sat June 23: South Korea v Mexico (Group F), 4pm – ITV1

Sat June 23: Germany v Sweden (Group F), 7pm – ITV1

Sun June 24: England v Panama (Group G), 1pm – BBC One

Sun June 24: Japan v Senegal (Group H) 4pm – BBC One

Sun June 24: Poland v Colombia (Group H) 7pm – ITV1

Mon June 25: Uruguay v Russia (Group A), 3pm – ITV1

Mon June 25: Saudi Arabia v Egypt (Group A), 3pm – ITV4

Mon June 25: Spain v Morocco (Group B), 7pm – BBC One

Mon June 25: Iran v Portugal (Group B), 7pm – BBC One

Tues June 26: Denmark v France (Group C) 3pm – ITV1

Tues June 26: Australia v Peru (Group C), 3pm – ITV4

Tues June 26: Nigeria v Argentina (Group D), 7pm – BBC One

Tues June 26: Iceland v Croatia (Group D), 7pm – BBC Two

Wed June 27: South Korea v Germany (Group F), 3pm – BBC One

Wed June 27: Mexico v Sweden (Group F), 3pm – BBC Two

Wed June 27: Serbia v Brazil (Group E), 7pm – ITV1

Wed June 27: Switzerland v Costa Rica (Group E), 7pm – ITV4

Thu June 28: Japan v Poland (Group H), 3pm – BBC One

Thu June 28: Senegal v Colombia (Group H), 3pm – BBC Two

Thu June 28: England v Belgium (Group G), 7pm – ITV1

Thu June 28: Panama v Tunisia (Group G), 7pm – ITV4

Round of 16

Sat June 30: Winner C v Runner-up D, 3pm – ITV1

Sat June 30: Winner A v Runner-up B, 7pm – ITV1

Sun July 1: Winner B v Runner-up A, 3pm – BBC One

Sun July 1: Winner D v Runner-up C, 7pm – ITV1

Mon July 2: Winner E v Runner-up F, 3pm – BBC One

Mon July 2: Winner G v Runner-up H, 7pm – BBC One

Tues July 3: Winner F v Runner-up E, 3pm – ITV1

Tues July 3: Winner H v Runner-up G, 7pm – BBC One


Fri July 6: Quarter-final one, 3pm – BBC One

Fri July 6: Quarter-final two, 7pm – BBC One

Saturday July 7: Quarter-final three, 3pm – ITV1

Saturday July 7: Quarter-final four, 7pm – ITV1


Tues July 10: Semi-final one, 7pm – ITV1

Weds July 11: Semi-final two, 7pm – BBC One

Sat July 14: Third place play-off: Losers of two semi-finals, 3pm – ITV1


Sun July 15: World Cup final, 4pm ITV1 and BBC One

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