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Lee Burns Most memorable match

Lee Burns played for Dartford from 2009/10 season until 2015/16 season. He made 253 starts, 18 as sub and scored 33 goals.

What is your most memorable season in a Dartford shirt?

It’s a toss up between the ryman prem winning year and the national prem, id have to say first season in the national prem.

Why does this season stand out for you?

Just being able to play at the highest non league level and finishing 8th beating some big clubs on the way.

Was there a specific game that stood out during the season? and Why?

Mansfield on BT was great but i’d have to say beating Luton away in front of a very hostile crowd and then to be clapped off by the same fans was a fantastic moment for me.

The manager that season was Tony Burman. What was it like working under Tony?

Tony was great, he was one of those managers you’d run through a brick wall for as he would do the same for us, he knew how to deal with all types of characters which made him a great man manager.

Who would you say was Dartford’s standout player that season?

Like a few have said everyone played there part and had great seasons, personally Jacob was very underrated but what he did for the team was unreal.

Why do you think we did so well that season?

The team spirit was fantastic, the dressing room and coach journeys were great with lots of banter flying around.

Do you have a favourite goal you scored that season?

The goal against Kidderminster the header, i was dropped for that game as we hadn’t won a game yet but lucky for me i came on within the first 10 min due to injury and got the only goal of the game which kick started our season.

Do you still keep in touch with any of the team from that season?

Yeah still speak to the core a lot and a few others, i’ve landscaped a few of the boys gardens which has helped pay for my holiday home in spain 😉

Did anything unusual happen that season that you can share with the fans?

Nothing that springs to mind but i did used to make Hazy sit the other side of me as i couldn’t look at that ear all the time 😛