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New Sponsorship Deal for Goalkeeper Deren Ibrahim

For the first time in Dartford FC club history, a new sponsor has been obtained for Deren Ibrahim’s goalkeeper gloves

Jean and Ray Webster have become Deren’s new sponsor for the 2015/16 Season, in memory of Tom and Dorothy McVeagh, who are sadly no longer with us. The sponsorship opportunity is a first for the club.

Commercial Manager Lauren Webster said ‘The new sponsorship opportunity came about when Deren approached me to discuss whether we could obtain a sponsor for his gloves for the season. As we all know, Deren needs his gloves in order to perform his job to the best of his ability, you can’t be a goalkeeper without them after all! After a conversation with my parents, they agreed to sponsor Deren for the season, but in memory of my grandparents who have both now passed away. The day I accepted the job at Dartford was the day my Grannie passed away, and I did question whether I should make the move or not, but I was always told by my Grandad (who passed away on Christmas Eve almost two years ago) to follow your dreams – I’ve done just that now becoming a Commercial Manager after so many years working in the football industry. My parents have supported me and sponsored various different things at almost all the clubs I’ve worked at, so they knew I’d ask them to sign a cheque at some point! So Thank you to them of course, but also to Deren for providing my family with the opportunity to sponsor something so unique.’

Jean Webster added ‘We thought as a family it would be a nice gesture to honour the memory of two wonderful grandparents by having their names on Derens gloves. When Lauren asked we were pleased to help the club and Deren by doing the sponsorship.’

Deren Ibrahim commented ‘When Mr & Mrs Webster mentioned that they were interested in sponsoring my gloves for the season, and I heard the reason behind it I jumped at the chance. I never got to meet Tom or Dorothy, however I feel honoured to be playing week in week out with their names on my gloves. Hopefully my performances will do them proud.’

Thank you to Jean, Ray and all the family for your support.