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Statement from the Board

Club News Dartford FC

As has been well documented, following pressure from several member clubs, The National League decided to suspend the season for 2 weeks from 23rd January.

They confirmed the re-start would be from tomorrow, 6th February.

In the meantime, resolutions were placed before member clubs, to decide the way forward. Under league rules, clubs have 28 days to vote (Quite why the season wasn’t suspended further to fall in line with this timescale is beyond us)

The Special and Ordinary Resolutions need nothing short of a PhD to be understood but to simplify matters, the Special Resolution (requiring a 75% majority to be passed) is to decide whether all 3 leagues vote together or the National League and North and South determine their own fate.

If this resolution fails then all member clubs vote whether or not to call the season to an end, null and void.

There have been zoom meetings held with the league, the Labour Party leadership as well as a ‘by invitation only’ meeting of the clubs in the North and South (to which we were not invited).

The whole issue being the financial situation as well as the current health concerns. The well documented argument as to whether or not the Department for Culture,  Media and Sport (DCMS) has gone back on their promise of grant funding for the 2nd tranche of money for January-March.

We have to emphasise our gratitude to the DCMS, and various funding organisations for the amazing support received during the pandemic to date.

In addition, our undying thanks must also go to all our commercial partners, who have stuck by us through such mutually difficult times.

Final and biggest thanks must go to all our supporters, who are going through this awful period without the outlet of coming to live football. To our season ticket holders who have stuck with us and our supporters association who continue their incredible support for their Club and community.

Finally to the decision we have come to with regard to the resolutions before us.

With everything said above taken in to account,  we feel a duty to our Club, Commercial Partners and our Community, as well as for the integrity of the National League, to complete this season. Therefore we have voted against resolution 1,3 and 4.

This will of course be done with a close eye on our finances and stringent implementation of our COVID protocols.

So for the time being, games will continue until such time as the results of the vote are known.

In the meantime, continue to stay safe and enjoy the live streaming of the games remaining, beginning tomorrow with our home game against Welling Utd.

Steve Irving