A Message From DFCSA Chairman Mick How

    On a day when England v Croatia was scheduled in the postponed European Championship finals, here we are still under the constantly revised rules of this pandemic confinement.

    When Noor Husin scored his first goal for us (our last) in the win against Chelmsford City on 14th March, little did we know that we’d witness the loss of over 40,000 people in the last 3 months! Hence, the measures taken by this and other governments have been largely deemed as correct, in these circumstances.

    Unfortunately, it has meant football deprivation, with the outcome for our level being decided shortly and the professional elites resuming a crowdless final few matches of the season, this week.

    We have been thankful to a varied efforts on social media to keep us going. Club Co-Chairman Steve Irving and his fabulous presentation of news clippings of past Darts, who have also shown wide interests in these. DFCSA secretary Gary Clark’s recent series of Sunday Quiz Hour and the setting up of the GoFundMe page and transfers into DFCSA account, have meant a good deal over £3,000 in receipt, which may have been otherwise lost, with no social and football activity at all.

    We are so thankful to all who have donated and still do so generously, during these difficult times, only as personal circumstances permit! Rest assured, the funds will be used to benefit our club, as needs arise.

    Meanwhile, isolated works being fulfilled within Princes Park, including re-decorations and improvements to designated areas, as directed by the club. To this end, DFCSA Treasurer Geoff Ashburn volunteers his days there. Future plans for all facilities will be made, according to the new normal and in line with Football and other activities. We can only but await outcomes to the Women’s Leagues and the Two Cup Finals, alongside the Academy and Junior sections.

    Social distancing being the norm, today’s intended (but cancelled) Community Fun Day, would have taken us into next season’s plans with various applications available (like Warbler Club Lottery, DFCSA Memberships etc) alongside the joy of getting together. Alas, this Coronavirus has put paid to all that, with the principle of “Patience is a Virtue”, being the norm.

    Finally, let us remember all those (Including DFC-linked) who have lost their lives, and others, affected by surviving Covid-19, including financially!

    Thank you again, for your thoughts, support and help, on behalf of our Supporters’ Association.

    We can only dream of meeting again, as soon as allowed!

    Mick How,
    Dartford.F.C.Supporters’ Association