Footgolf Parties and Coaching Parties

Organise a Footgolf or Coaching birthday parties at Princes Park and you’ll get the DFC special treatment!

Suitable for ages 5+ our birthday parties are tailored to keep a smile on any girl or boys face to help them celebrate their special day.


Foot golf Parties include:

  •  1 round of Footgolf

Coaching Parties Includes:

  • Coaching session by our party host
  • Mini Match with you guests
  • Free ticket for a Dartford FC match for the party guests
  • Tour of the stadium


Have lunch with us and choose from:

  • Lunchbox (including a sandwich, crisps, yogurt, fruit and squash)
  • Hotdogs (including crisps and squash)


Prices start from £120 for 10 children

For more information and to book your birthday party please contact Hayley in the Champions bar on 07710129446 or