Upcoming MatchTonbridge Angels v Dartford/December 16, 2023/Longmead Stadium

BlueSky Sponsors Princes Park Reception

Dartford FC is pleased to announce that the Reception area at Princes Park Stadium will now be sponsored by BlueSky Pensions UK. Chairman of Dartford Football Club, Bill Archer, was on hand to welcome Paul Bannister, Cheif Executive of BlueSky Pensions UK, to Princes Park and to thank him for his sponsorship. Paul Bannister has commented that “the partnership with Dartford FC will strengthen BlueSky’s exposure in the South of England and we look forward to a long and successful period for the business and the progression of Dartford FC up through the football league.”

BlueSky Pensions UK is at the forefront of pension provision in the UK and operates a variety of products and systems to ensure you, as a quality employer, meet all of your legislative responsibilities and your employees are provided with a highly governed qualifying workplace pension scheme.

Pensions Legislation
From October 2012, legislation has stated that all employers in the UK have had to automatically enrol its employees into a qualifying workplace pension scheme.

Auto Enrolment Solution
BlueSky offers the Real-Time Auto Enrolment Solution (RAE), an online tool for employers to assess the workforce and satisfy its Auto Enrolment responsibilities. The system automatically assesses and communicates with all employees and includes opting in and out tools online.

The BlueSky Mastertrust
BlueSky operate the BlueSky Pension Scheme, a multi-employer Mastertrust which is operated on a non profit basis; no fees or commissions are paid to any party and welcomes any employer in the UK to benefit from the economies of scale, high levels of governance and an advanced investment offering which include the latest in pensions developments.

Developments post the 2014 Budget The Government made a number of announcements and recommendations in and post the 2014 Budget to make pensions savings and retirement more ‘flexible’.

BlueSky will be launching a variety of retirement drawdown products in the Autumn of 2014 which will enable members to access their fund over a fixed or variable period. The new options will give members greater control over their funds and enable them to benefit from post retirement investment returns.

For further information on how BlueSky can help your business, please visit www.blueskypensions.co.uk or contact info@blueskypensions.co.uk.