DFCSA Race Night – 14th March 2020 Results

    Dartford FC Supporters’ Association held their second Race Night of the season on the 14th March 2020.

    The winners are as follows:

    Race 1: Alan Lewis, Kenny Fenton, Cathie Humphrey, Peter Houseman and Barry Bell
    Race 2: Alan Bird, Dartford FC Women, Back Seat Boys, Darren Povey and Matt Jennings
    Race 3: Chris Vint, Scott McKinnon, Mick How, Mark Dighton and Albert Martin
    Race 4: Mick How, Mark Blake, James Hawkins, Gary Hills and Clifford & Paul.
    Race 5: John Pugh, Mark Wells, Av Sandhu, Steve Smith and Gary Clements.
    Race 6: Dave Skinner, Dave Boswell, Jay Berkhauer, Malcolm Green and Barry Bell
    Race 7: Gary Clark, Mark Brenlund, Matt Pearson, Teddy Ansell and Des Dawson
    Race 8: Ian White, Dave Boswell, Fred Bonnett, Peter Martin and Lou Cruickshank
    Race 9: Steve Giles, Ron Dale and Darren Povey.

    Sponsor’s Race (Race 9): Karen & Andy Guyott, Back Seat Boys, Bradleys, John Hall & Sean Holland
    Tricast winners were Race 3: The Gibbers and Race 6: Ginger Pete
    The Auction Race was won by the syndicate of Mick Austin.
    The Jackpot competition was won by Marion Lineham

    We are so grateful for all of the support received, especially on the night given the current situation worldwide, including our thanks to Steve King, his management team and the First Team squad for their attendance. Our deepest gratitude, however, must go to Mick Austin who has been relentless in his pursuit for selling horses. We expect to make approximately £3,500 which is a huge total. Thank you so much for your support, and we will be back in October for the next one.