DFCSA Race Night – 9th October 2021

The Supporters’ Association held their first Race Night since March 2019 in the Princes Suite on the 9th October 2021, following the 1-0 win over Hungerford Town.

The winning sponsors/owners of the races are as follows:

Race 1: John Pugh, James Hawkins, Mick Mancini, Barry Bell & Lee Davis
Race 2: Fred Bonnett, DFC Women’s Team, Mick Austin, Chris Vint & Rob Taylor
Race 3: Peter French, Darren Newton, Tom Davenport, Dave Phillips & Peter Houseman
Race 4: Sharron Stocker, Graham Poynter, Mark Wells, Rags Sandhu & Mick Austin
Race 5: Colin & Karen Sparrow, Scott McKinnon, Steve Irving & John Hallet
Race 6: Phil Wells, Mick How, Matt Pearson & Mike Saunt.
Race 7: Steve Button, Graham Poynter, Albert Martin & Ivan Coleman.
Race 8: James Irving, Matt Pearson, Terry Pease & Norman Grimes
Race 9: Ian White, Steve Smith, Phil Wells, Jeremy Kite, Sean Holland, Peter French, Dave Francis & Nick Coombes

Race 3: £75 – Mick Austin
Race 6: £75 – Geoff Ashburn

Syndicate for Auction Race:
Race 9: £340 to the winning owners who were: Team Sparrow

Jackpot Accumulator: £60 for winner
Paul Leonard, Tom Bonner & Debbie Trott shared the prize!

Huge thanks to both the Men’s First Team and the Women’s First Team for attending, to everyone who bought a horse or a race and everyone who turned up to support the event. These race nights are our big fund-raisers twice a year and they help us to fund various different projects across DFC. Early indications are that we have raised over £4,000 but when the full amount is calculated, we will report it through the various DFC channels.