DFCSA Race Night – The Winners

    Thanks, on behalf of the Dartford FC Supporters’ Association to everyone who came to the Race Night last night.

    The winners are as follows:
    Race 1: Ron Dale, Lee Davis, Sean Holland and Lee Noble
    Race 2: Shay Leydon, Chris Vint, Kenny Fenton and Bonzo
    Race 3: Dave Skinner, Back Seat Boys, Ron Dale and Lee Noble
    Race 4: Denis Catchpole, John Humphrey, Dave Boswell and Lee Noble
    Race 5: Elizabeth Mee, Dave Skinner, John Sharp and Carol Davenport
    Race 6: Cathie Humphrey, Scott McKinnon, John Hoverd and Lee Finnerty
    Race 7: Marion Lineham, Alistair McKinnon, Ian White and Barry Bell
    Race 8: Ray Catchpole, Alan Bird, Dave Hunter and Hayley Thomas
    Race 9: DFC Women’s Team, Mark Blake and Clive Bishop

    The two winners of the Tri-Cast were Ian White and Chris Austin
    The winners of the Sponsors race were Colin & Karen Sparrow, Raghbir Sandhu, Scott McKinnon and Bradleys the Jewellers
    The winner of the jackpot was Ken Atkins
    The winning Syndicate in the Auction race was Mick Austin

    We’ll be tallying up the profits over the next few days, but Mick Austin is hopeful we’ve made over £3,000 for DFCSA. If you were one of the lucky winners, Mick Austin will be in touch with your winnings.

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