DFCSA Race Night Winners

The winners of the March 2019 Race Night are as follows:

Race 1: Jack Smedley, John Whybrow, Matt Edmeades and The Jibbers
Race 2: Scott McKinnon, Dave Boswell, Lee Trailor and Fred Spelling
Race 3: Marion Lineham, Alistair McKinnon, Dave Homewood and John Sharp
Race 4: Geoff Ashburn, Megan Francis, Andy Everest and Nick Coombes
Race 5: Den Catchpole, Jill Pugh, Scott McKinnon and Lee Noble
Race 6: John Pugh, Jill Pugh, Dave Hunter and Ben Greenhalgh
Race 7: Dave Skinner, Richard Dunn, Rhiannon Hurley and Tony Burman
Race 8: Mary Skelton, Chris Austin, Jon Humphrey and Petal
Race 9: Terry Reynolds, Tony Burman, Andy Young and Tony Brown. The winning race sponsors in the last race were Scott McKinnon, Colin Sparrow, Andy Bonnett and the DFCSA Committee.

The winner of the Jackpot accumulator was Scott McKinnon
The winner of the Tri-Cast was Mike Saunt
The winning auction syndicate in the last race was Team Pugh

Thank you so much to everyone who came last night, including the Ladies team – we had a great night, and hope you did too. When all of the money has been collected in and counted, I’ll update you as to how much we made for the Association.

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