Upcoming MatchTonbridge Angels v Dartford/December 16, 2023/Longmead Stadium


Dartford Academy Minibus

Dartford FC have recently received delivery of a new minibus which was kindly paid for by the Supporters Association. This will enable the academy and other youth teams to away games, without third party expense, saving the club money throughout the year.

Tony Burman ‘’ To have our own mini bus is another step in the right direction and it’s something that we have been thinking about for the last few years, I’d like to thank the Supporters association for their help in making this happen’’

Geoff Ashburn ‘’ The Supporters Association are proud to have been able to support the acquisition of this minibus for the academy team & the club and is a long overdue asset’’

The club would like to thank the supporters association for all their ongoing support with projects like this.

The academy travel all around the country and if you would like your company to sponsor the minibus and have your logo and details on the side, we would be very grateful for the support to help the academy. If you are interested please contact Jack Smedley operations@dartfordfc.com