Vanarama Team-Mates: Dartford legend Ryan Hayes dishes the Princes Park dressing room dirt!

Ryan Hayes

League sponsors Vanarama have been busy opening the changing room doors… so what lies behind? 

You can choose three team-mates to go on a road trip with – who do you pick to jump in the car and why?   

Lee Noble for protection. Andy Pugh has to come. He’s the only one who laughs at my jokes and I’ll go for Ronnie Vint just because we talk most days anyway.

….But who is the one you wouldn’t let near in the motor? 

Charlie Sheringham without a doubt. He would moan the whole journey! 

Which player would you not let touch your car stereo?

Ben Greenhalgh. Just pop songs galore.

Who is most likely to become a manager when their playing days are over? 

Charlie. Speaks a lot of sense about football.

But which one is the least likely to do the job? 

Tough one – I’ll go Nobes again. Doesn’t really like football. 

Who’s the dressing room joker?

I’d like to say me only because there are some boring lads in there this season! 

But who is a grump when it comes to the team banter?

Charlie. He struggles to really find anything funny.

Who spends the longest in front of the mirror after games? 

Ben or Ron. Even at half time there looking in there! 

So which player is the Teacher’s pet?

I’ll go for Lee Noble or Luke Wanadio this season.

Who would you say is your best mate at the club?

Noble. We’ve been through the highs and lows together.

Best trainer at Princes Park?

Charlie when he actually decides to train! Expects high standards all the time.

But who is the first off the training ground? 

There’s a few to be fair but I’ll go Ronnie Vint.

Who’s got the most annoying habit?

Pughy. Mid convo he’ll pick his nose most of the time! 

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